VDO CDR 2005 - Line-IN

(German Version   ---   English Version)

First of all, sorry for my english.

In this description I try to show how to build a Line-In to the VDO CDR 2005 radio from Opel (GM). For this you'll need to disconnect the radio out of your car, open it an do some soldering works. As far as I know if you do this you will not have any guarantee after works.

Stefan Waigand figured out a second possibility - a bit more work, but more professional. You can find a german howto here

Ok - let's begin:

1. First of all you have to get the Radio out of the car and open the lower side (bootom):

The red oval marks the connector where the CD-Part of the Radio is connected to the
Radio's MainBoard.

2. In the next Picture you can see where to solder normal flexible wire for left and right channel an ground:

(Sorry blurred picture)

3. The other ends of the wire you connect to a normal "3,5 Klinke Buchse" (don't know the name in english):


4. Some extra works at the end:

With this method you're using the connectors of the CD-Part of the radio to put in a external Audio-Signal. This means the Radio has to run in CD-Mode so that you can hear your signal. The only way to get this radio into CD-mode is to put in a compact disk and play it. For that I generated a CD with only one track of  74 minutes with only silence on it. This you can do with any Audio-Editor (I used Magix Audio Deluxe 2005). To get your mp3-player running you have to put in the new "Silence-CD", plug your player to the "3,5 mm Klinke Buchse" :) and press the play button. Every 74 Minutes there will be a small break when the CD begins to play from the beginning. You can use you remote on the steering wheel if you have one to control the radio and it will interrupt if there is traffic information, just as if you played a normal CD.

Hope this will work for you too. I don not give any guarantee that this will work with your radio.

Ich übernehme selbstverständlich keine Garantie dass das ganze bei jedem so funktioniert. Bei mir tut es dass. Für eventuell durch den Umbau entstehende Schäden an euren Radios oder sonstigen Geräten  kann ich natürlich keine Haftung übernehmen.